Samuel Herrup Antiques

American Furniture

  • Sewing Table

    Sewing Table

  • Painted Desk

    Painted Desk

  • Hanging Shelf

    Hanging Shelf

  • Rare New York Linen Press

    Rare New York Linen Press

  • Miniature Stool

    Miniature Stool

  • Nantucket Side Chair

    Nantucket Side Chair

  • New York Side Chair

    New York Side Chair

  • New England Cupboard

    New England Cupboard

  • Baltimore Server

    Baltimore Server

  • Pembroke Table

    Pembroke Table

  • Card Table

    Card Table

  • Pennsylvania Candlestand

    Pennsylvania Candlestand

  • Tavern Table

    Tavern Table

  • Windsor Side Chair

    Windsor Side Chair

  • Linen-Fold Blanket Chest

    Linen-Fold Blanket Chest

  • Pembroke Table

    Pembroke Table

  • Painted Bellows

    Painted Bellows

  • New England Lolling Chair

    New England Lolling Chair

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