Samuel Herrup Antiques

American Redware

  • Vermont Redware Jar

    Vermont Redware Jar

  • Pennsylvania Redware Pitcher

    Pennsylvania Redware Pitcher

  • Pennsylvania Redware Jar

    Pennsylvania Redware Jar

  • Redware Harvest Jug

    Redware Harvest Jug

  • Bristol Redware Jar

    Bristol Redware Jar

  • Oversized Redware Pitcher

    Oversized Redware Pitcher

  • Redware Sugar Bowl

    Redware Sugar Bowl

  • Redware Jug

    Redware Jug

  • Miniature Redware Churn

    Miniature Redware Churn

  • Nice Selection of Manganese American Redware

    Selection of Manganese Redware, Including Rare 1830 Coffee Pot

  • Maine Redware

    Maine Redware

  • Rochester NY Redware

    Rochester NY Redware

  • Virginia Redware Jar

    Virginia Redware Jar

  • Maine Redware Stewpot

    Maine Redware Stewpot

  • Maine Redware Pitcher

    Maine Redware Pitcher

  • Bristol County Redware Jar

    Bristol County Redware Jar

  • Pennsylvania Redware

    Pennsylvania Redware

  • North Shore Redware Jar

    North Shore Redware Jar

  • Redware Covered Sugar Bowl

  • New York State Redware Jar

  • Large Redware Pitcher

  • Rochester Pottery Jar

  • Maine Redware Jar

  • PA Sugar Bowl

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