Samuel Herrup Antiques

English Pottery

  • Salt-Glazed Dish

    Salt-Glazed Dish

  • William of Orange Plate

    William of Orange Plate

  • William of Orange Plate

    William of Orange Plate

  • Creamware Ship Plate

    Creamware Ship Plate

  • Child's Tea Set

    Child's Tea Set

  • Liverpool Bowl

    Liverpool Bowl

  • Tulip Vase

    Tulip Vase

  • Drabware Cache-Pot

    Drabware Cache-Pot

  • Pearlware Mug

    Pearlware Mug

  • Creamware Violin Player

    Creamware Violin Player

  • Oversized Creamware Teapot

    Oversized Creamware Teapot

  • Scalloped Tin Glazed Plate

    Scalloped Tin Glazed Plate

  • Creamware Scalloped Dish

    Creamware Scalloped Dish

  • Salt-Glazed Basket and Undertray

    Salt-Glazed Basket and Undertray

  • Wedgwood Punch Pot

    Wedgwood Punch Pot

  • Salt-Glazed Pierced Basket with Handles

  • Miniature Tea Set, circa 1780

  • Small English Mocha Pitcher

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